5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Next I.T. Project

Focusing on technology, and not on the business need
Most companies start by picking the software or technology they want to use, then try to make it work for their company. Technology is the easiest part of the whole project. The key to success is being able to clearly state and agree upon what the system needs to do for your business.

Not providing a roadmap or system requirements
Want to waste $170 million just like the FBI? The FBI stated that a lack of planning and requirements definition was the primary reason the system they built had to be scrapped. Every hour of planning and requirements definition will save you four hours of development and modifications.
(Read - FBI may scrap $170 million project - CNN)

Automating business decisions
Interested in increasing your system cost by an order of magnitude and causing business problems? Automate business decisions rather than letting your employees do what they do best. Systems that try to program detailed business logic are unable to adapt to real world scenarios, and can often negatively impact your company and clients. The best information management systems provide two benefits:

  • Automating routine processes that are consistent and do not require a decision or exception management.
  • Providing access to critical information so your staff can make better decisions.

Don't wait until the end to review the system
Don’t wait till the end to review the system to find out it does exactly what you asked for, but not what you need. Split the project into manageable phases where you can review and improve the requirements based on a growing understanding of how the tool can be used.
(Read - Pinellas County wasting money on court system software, Tampa Bay Business Journal)

Not planning for changes, enhancements, and support
Most companies budget only for the initial development, and not ongoing support and enhancements. This is the same as buying a house when you can afford the mortgage, but not any utilities or repairs. No software is defect free, and your systems need to adapt and change with your business.

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