Is S&K Right for Me?

We have been successful because we partner with our clients. Most relationships with technology providers are one-sided, sometimes in the clients' favor but many times it's the technology provider that ends up winning. We're not interested in being just another vendor to our clients. Everything we do reflects a partnership approach. Our formal agreements, pricing policies, meetings, and other business tasks are built upon a foundation of a vendor-client partnership.

We offer high-end service at a reasonable cost to our clients. Because of our core values and reasons for forming S & K Ventures, we're able to offer the quality and expertise of expensive Information Technology firms at a cost reasonable to even the most discerning clients. We have a long list of satisfied clients available for reference at your request.

Finally, our project approach is unrivaled in the industry. Because of our partnership philosophy, we have established processes for ensuring our work meets client expectations. These processes emphasize regular communication throughout a project's lifecycle thereby offering plenty of opportunity for meeting expectations.

Team Tracks

S & K helped a client integrate their ordering system with one of their customers purchasing systems using an industry standard computing interface. The project went so well, our client's customer began using S & K to help advise them with similar integrations with their other vendors.

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