E-Commerce and Marketing Systems

Drive top line revenue while reducing operations costs by updating your commerce systems. Whether you're looking for Busines-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer e-commerce, optimizing your supply chain management, or putting a new face on legacy systems, S & K delivers superior systems with a value that can't be beat.

  • Transaction Management Systems
    How reliable is your business data? S & K understands how to structure data and manage transactions to ensure that the information your business uses is accurate and accessible.

  • Online Storefronts and Order Processing Systems
    Make your company easy to do business with. S & K will help you process orders more efficiently, and leverage your products in larger markets.

  • Vendor and Supplier Management Portals
    Improve your supply chain by providing your staff with centralized information management system. S & K portals reduce data entry and increase order accuracy.

  • Corporate Marketing Sites
    How well does your corporate marketing site communicate to your target audience? Whether your getting started or looking to update your image, S & K will work with you to integrate online marketing with your overall sales and marketing plan.

  • User Interface Design
    Most development companies don't understand how people interact with software. S & K understands the human element in system design is one of the most important aspects. We focus on simplifying information and tasks to reduce errors and increase decision making ability.

Team Tracks

To reduce manual and duplicate data entry, S & K helped a client automate their order management information. The new system tied in orders received from multiple storefronts, UPS shipping and label generation, and automatically generated orders in QuickBooks. In addition to dramatically reducing manual processing time and errors, the new system has allowed staff to focus on special client needs and growing the business.

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