Technology Infrastructure Analysis, Planning, and Implementation

Large corporations have teams to plan and implement technology systems, but small and medium businesses can't afford the overhead of experienced IT staff. S & K brings enterprise level experience to your company within your budget. Now you can benefit from decades of experience at a cost you can afford.

  • Infrastructure Enterprise Architecture Assessment and Planning
    Keep your staff focused on your core competencies, and let S & K perform an infrastructure audit. We'll ensure that your systems and hardware from top to bottom are right for your growing business.

  • Technology Program Management
    The FBI determined that poor management and requirements definition were the primary causes of their $170 million system failure. Managing technology programs is an art form. S & K's experience can save your company from learning lessons the hard way. (Read more about the FBI problems )

  • Outsourced CTO/CIO
    If your company is raising money or preparing for a merger, you need a solid CTO/CIO. S & K provides a member of our veteran staff to serve as your interim CTO/CIO until your need is over. We'll even help you find a full time CTO/CIO when you're ready for someone full time.

  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
    Are you confident that your critical business information can be restored in the case of a problem? What happens if your employees can't go to your office? S & K can develop and implement a backup and recovery plan scaled to meet your risk and budget.

  • Hosting and Server Management
    S & K uses both third party hosting companies and our own managed servers in secure data centers to meet the needs of our diverse clients. No games or hidden charges.

  • Network Vendor Management
    S & K will work with your preferred vendor or one of ours to install or expand your office network and communications.

  • Desktop Support
    S & K provides friendly and expert desktop support for all your staff. For some of our clients, we are their entire IT department supporting them every step, every day.

Team Tracks

Because of the projects success for one global S & K client, the client has now turned to S & K to assist with strategic IT planning and project prioritization. S & K works with key stakeholders to identify support system opportunities, define feasibility and return on investment, and present initiatives to the board for funding approval. When our stakeholders succeed, both companies benefit.

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